How can you avoid landscaping mistakes?

Placing trees and shrubs too close to the house is a big mistake. Put the plants in the wrong place.

How can you avoid landscaping mistakes?

Placing trees and shrubs too close to the house is a big mistake. Put the plants in the wrong place. That said, neglecting hedge trimming is never a good idea; you need to be alert so that the hedge doesn't grow out of control. The individual shrubs that make up a hedge can become difficult to handle if left to their own devices for too long.

The solution is to cut or cut the hedge. To help you avoid serious landscaping mistakes, here are 25 of the most common mistakes people make when landscaping their gardens, as well as tips on how to avoid them. A patio should never be an afterthought. This is probably the place where you will spend most of your time when you are on your patio and where you will have outdoor meals and family social gatherings.

Typically, patios should be as large as possible relative to the size of your patio and any other landscaping features you want to include. At a minimum, they should have a space of 10 feet by 10 feet, which is almost as small as you can make and still have room for a dining table or at least some seating. If you live in a region where it usually rains a lot, forgetting about drainage is one of those landscape mistakes that is crucial to avoid. As Claire Belderbos of Belderbos Landscapes says, not taking into account drainage requirements can cause raised beds and pots to fill with water, making it difficult for plants to survive.

Whether your intention is to mimic the look of your favorite golf course or lengthen the amount of time between cuts, mowing too low can have dire consequences for your health and appearance. When a large part of the stem is removed, the grass cannot adequately support photosynthesis and root growth may be stunted. For best results, search for a height that matches the variety and species of grass or hire The Grounds Guys for expert lawn maintenance services. For example, if you're not thinking about home security landscape design, you can block the line of sight from the street to your front door, create dark corners where intruders can hide, or plant trees that grow so that intruders can use their branches to access second-floor windows.

Another mistake people make when planting trees is not thinking about the size they are going to grow and how that will affect their landscaping or structures in the future. Avoid the pitfalls of DIY landscaping by hiring The Grounds Guys trained experts for all your residential landscaping needs. Another landscaping tip that people often overlook is that hardscapes require less maintenance than most gardening features and that they save water. Whether you're a first-year landscape architect or you've done it for decades, there's always more to learning and discovering new ways to keep your landscape efficient, sustainable and beautiful is a big part of the fun.